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Denel Aerostructures

Advanced aerospace design, Manufacturing and engineering partner


Complex thermoset composites produced in NADCAP certified facilities.


Close tolerance assembly of metallic and

composite airframes.


Thin web, deep pocket, high speed, 5 axis

machining and routing of metallics and composites.

Special Processes

NADCAP approved facility comprises of the heat and surface treatment,

Non-Destructive Testing, Abrasive Blasting and Non Destructive Testing Painting

Sheet Metal

Various routing, pressing and forming technologies including fluid cell pressing.


Denel Aerostructures is a leading partner and a

competitive supplier to OEMs and the Global Aerospace Supply Chain.

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Denel Aerostructures consists of the following core capability operations:

Manufacturing Engineering

  • Process engineering 
  • Jig and Tool design
  • NC programming
  • Material Technology


  • Sub-Assemblies: T & J sub-assemblies, Main Rotor Head, Bearing and Bush Installation
  • Main assemblies build in ICY Jigs 
    • Airbus Wing to Fuselage Fairing 
    • Airbus Top shells 
    • G150 Empennage 
  • Semi-automated C-Frame Riveter
  • Leica Laser Inspection


  • Utilise glass fibre ,Kevlar, and pre-preg carbon materials, as well as metal bonding (fixing of metallic parts to composite structures) 
  • Typical assemblies range from Cowlings ,Fairings , to A400M composite panels
  • Class 7 and 8 rated clean rooms
  • NADCAP Accredited 
  • Autoclave 8-13m

Sheet Metal

  • Fluid Cell Press 
  • 5-axis CNC Router and Drilling
  • Hand forming 
  • Stretch forming 
  • Press and roll forming


  • 5 Axis high speed machining 
  • 3 Axis machining (including long bed)
  • Jig Boring, grinding and conventional machining 
  • CMM inspection

Special Processes

  • Heat Treatment caters for both aluminium ( DAe) and Steel ( Turbomeca Africa) treatments 
  • Surface treatment caters for chromic Acid Anodising and Chemical milling.
  • Paint shop
  • NADCAP Accredited for:
    • Non Destructive Testing
    • Chemical Processing 
    • Heat Treatment 
    • Composites
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