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Denel Aerostructure’s portfolio of engineering capabilities include full Conceptual Design, Definition and Development.

This covers:

  • Initial sizing and layout
  • Preliminary studies
  • Stress layouts
  • Final detail design
  • Creation of manufacturing drawings
  • Design studies, which incorporate corrosion, bird strike, environmental impacts and trade-off studies
  • Design for low cost, ease of manufacture and low weight

Metallic and Composite Structures 

  • Sheet metal parts
  • Machined components
  • Composite design using CPD (includes the creation of CD and CM models and DXF files)

Digital Mock-up (DMU) Integration

  • Creation of highly detailed mock-ups to show all parts and components that make up the structure.
  • This increases the visibility of the model for various phases of development and manufacturing, for both DAe and its customers.
  • Reduces development time and cost, by optimising processes and methods.

Support Liaison Engineering

The engineering team applies its experience and skills in the support of production processes where required.

This is applied on a variety of industrialised programmes such as:

  • Ribs, Swords and Spars on the A400M Vertical Stabilizer, for Airbus Military
  • Winglets for a US Business Jet OEM
  • Empennage on the Gulfstream G1192350 jet

Structural Analysis 

DAe has very strong capabilities in airframe structural analysis. Our team of experienced engineers are highly skilled in classical aircraft stress analysis methods and their effective implementation. In addition, they are also highly experienced in the effective use of computer-aided analysis of engineering systems through the use of Finite Elements for stressing and flow simulation for aerodynamic design.

Our capabilities and experience include numerous examples of static as well as dynamic analysis, and we are equally comfortable with analysing metallic or composite structures. Our experience of dynamic analysis included sim-ulations of impact as well as simulations of phenomena such as flutter and divergence.

DAe's structural analysis department also has strong capabilities and experience in durability and damage tolerance analysis. This includes the analysis of ultra-highcycle fatigue such as sonic fatigue which was performed on the Airbus A400M project.

DAe has the ability to estimate and predict flight loads and experience at performing mass and balance calculations and other weight engineering functions to the requirements of customers.

Structural Testing 

The DAe engineering team comprises of experienced test engineers that work closely together with our test laboratory, a facility that is constantly growing in capabilities and accreditation.

In addition to the test laboratory, DAe also has access to a range of other test facilities at sister companies, such as Denel Dynamics, where we perform impact testing and component level testing.

DAe has experience and skills in static and fatigue testing as well as ground vibration testing. Our capabilities include environmental conditioning of test specimens to specified moisture absorption and temperature conditions.

Particular Risk Analysis (PRA) 

  • Blade Release
  • Sonic Fatigue
  • APU Thermal Risks
  • Water Tightness
  • Lightning Strike
  • Rapid Decompression and Leak Pressures
  • Bird Strike
  • Hail Strike
  • Hard Body Impact
  • Propeller Ice Strike
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